Bakery, Pastry, and Espresso

A combination of made-in-house pastry and desserts and strong partnerships with amazing local bakeries for wholesome breads is the cornerstone of our bakery at Fresh Kitchen. Our pastries, as well as our breads, are made from fresh, natural ingredients. The flavours shine through, from the tartness of seasonal apples, plums, and pears in our pies, to the intense chocolate in our strawberry-chocolate tart. Bakery favourites include French baguettes and artisan sourdoughs, whole grain breads, croissants, pastries, cupcakes and much more, featured daily from our chefs.

Great pastry requires great coffee and espresso! At Fresh Kitchen, we have selected a company that roasts for us a signature blend of only AA grade green coffee - the best Arabica bean available, farmed 100 percent fair trade and organically grown. Start your day off with a fantastic cup of Fresh Kitchen coffee or espresso – and grab a chocolate croissant, while you are at it!